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Control chart In statistical process control, the control chart, also known as the 'Shewhart chart' or 'process-behaviour chart' is a tool used to determine whether a manufacturing or business process is in a state of statistical control or not. If the chart indicates that the process is currently under control then it can be used with confidence to predict the future performance of the process.
If the chart indicates that the process being monitored is not in control, the pattern it reveals can help determine the source of variation to be eliminated to bring the process back into control. A control chart is a specific kind of run chart that allows significant change to be differentiated from the natural variability of the process.

The chart may contain other optional features, including:
* Upper and lower warning limits, drawn as separate lines, typically two standard deviations above and below the centre line
* Division into zones, with the addition of rules governing frequencies of observations in each zone
* Annotation with events of interest, as determined by the Quality Engineer in charge of the process's quality

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